The Business / Accountant Partnership

Accountants aren’t just there to sort out your tax return every year. They aren’t just there to manage your expenditure and profit sheets, and nor are they simply around to tick boxes and ensure the correct forms are filled in by your business.

An effective accountant and business partnership not only supports operations but also sets the foundations in place for growth and expansion and gives business owners the vital information they need to take their business in the right direction.

In this blog we explore the benefits of any business working with a dedicated accountant, providing insight into the ways that outsourced accounting can support and prove vital in making important business decisions.

How an Accountant can empower you as a business owner

So often we hear businesses saying that they don’t have an accountant because…

  1. They’re not big enough / they don’t bring in enough profit to need one
  2. They can manage their own figures inhouse
  3. Accountants only really work with tax returns – the rest of the year they don’t do much

Let us tell you now, this isn’t true.

One of our primary focuses here at Neon Accounting is taking control of the backend financial admin for a business, allowing the business to focus on what is important to them: their customer service, their product delivery, and the operational decisions of the business as a whole.

Do you know how much time it takes to manage the administrative demands of bringing in a team of employees and suddenly having to sort out pensions and payroll and other tick boxes attributing to employment?

As a business owner, you may well be capable and able to manage your own finances – we aren’t disputing your capability. But what a partnership with an accountant does is allow you to place higher value on your time as the business lead – outsourcing those mundane and administrative tasks so that your talents can be channelled in a more beneficial direction.

So, what exactly is it that we do as an accounting partner?

The role of an accounting partner

The mainstay of the accountant’s role is to provide the information that business owners need to make everyday decisions for the benefit of their business and their team.

Some of the most important areas of focus for a business of any size include Financial Forecasting, Payroll, and Tax planning. By maintaining control and providing regular updates on the status of these areas, accountants empower businesses to make well informed decisions supported fully by the business figures and numbers – regardless of the industry they operate in or the size of their business.

The crucial reason why we would always recommend working with an outsourced accounting partner like Neon Finance, is that we are always prepared to help your business grow and scale tapping into our broad industry knowledge and decades in the field of accounting. We get to know your business like the back of our hand, giving us the ability and knowledge to work as your partner rather than just another supplier – and empowering us to give you the exact information that you need on a daily basis.

For more information on how Neon Finance could support your business goals, get in touch with our team or head to our website for a full Service list breakdown.