The Business Supporting Businesses

If you own and run a small or medium sized business, you will know how vast the demands can be – both on your time and on your investment (and sometimes on your patience).

As soon as you bring on new team members, suddenly you are faced with pension plans and formal payroll processes, holiday allowance and sick pay.

Once you start selling to customers, you have to think about marketing and customer satisfaction, the customer journey and concepts like SEO and PPC.

Very quickly your time can transition from that as the head of the business, to someone lost in the background – managing all of these admin requirements to keep your business running like clockwork. The problem? This can draw you away from the crucial areas of the business that need your leadership and attention, and in some cases can cause your business to plateau.

What’s the solution?

That’s where external suppliers and businesses like Neon Finance come in.

The benefit of external suppliers

External suppliers are essentially businesses that support the operational management of other businesses, with Neon Finance applying and implementing financial solutions and automation processes that leave you free to focus on the areas that matter.

By working with you rather than for you, we jump into the heart of your inhouse team in order to understand the way that your financial systems work, letting you know where your business stands and giving you the freedom to scale and grow in the right direction for you. Best of all, we focus on what many perceive as “the boring stuff”, so that you don’t have to. And this isn’t exclusive to the world of finance, with IT and technology, marketing, and logistics all commonly outsourced areas of a growing business.

As you might have guessed, there’s a little more to it than ‘handing over the boring stuff’, with external suppliers also responsible for delivering the best results you could expect, and ensuring that you receive regular updates and reports on the status of your finances, marketing, and other areas. 

One of the key advantages of handpicking the best external suppliers is the range of knowledge and expertise you get. Managing all of your financial systems inhouse is great for continuity and consistency, but could you be missing out on tools and systems which could benefit you further? By working with a tried and tested solution provider on the outside, you will benefit from the latest and greatest market offers, whether you are a start up or an established SME. Best of all, everything you do will be implemented by the best in their field, giving you the peace of mind that your business is being protected from all angles.  

Things to consider when working with external suppliers

The main thing to consider when working with external suppliers is their field of expertise and whether they work best with businesses in a certain industry. Here at Neon Finance, we are trained financial providers for a multitude of sectors and industries – however there are suppliers out there who deal exclusively with healthcare or with recruitment agencies, and so businesses should be aware of the suppliers they reach out to.

The Takeaway

External suppliers are there to deliver support across the areas of your business that can drain your time but offer little in business returns. Working with external suppliers that you can trust leaves you free to focus on becoming the brains of your business again, safe in the knowledge that the background admin is being managed by top level experts and systems – and this is the service we strive to deliver to all our customers here at Neon Finance.

For more information and to discuss your business, get in touch with us.