Neon Accounting support businesses across Coventry & Warwickshire

Efficient accounting is vital to the smooth functioning and growth of every business. Keeping control of the numbers makes it possible to maintain a prosperous platform from which to pursue ambitious plans for expansion.

For many SMEs, however, the cost of a full-time accountant or bookkeeper can be prohibitive. As for a finance director, that seems like a luxury beyond reach.

The temptation to handle the complexities of bookkeeping, corporation tax, payroll and even self-assessment yourself can be very strong, but ultimately it will only dilute the concentration of your abilities and distract you from what you do best: running your business, developing ideas, fulfilling customers’ needs and making sales.

Just as you look outside your company for legal services, IT support or social media marketing, the option exists to outsource your accounting needs, both at the everyday level and in terms of long term strategic financial planning.

Neon Accounting provides a complete accountancy service to businesses in Coventry and all across Warwickshire. Handing over the routine, essential duties of an in-house accountant gives you the peace of mind in knowing that all your financial needs and obligations are looked after without the costs or administrative framework associated with the role and without having to go through the costly, lengthy process of recruitment.

Our service covers payroll, year-end accounts, compliance with all HMRC and Companies House requirements, VAT, preparing your corporation tax return, and other financial duties. We will issue reminders when payments or filing is due, making sure you avoid the substantial surcharges and penalties which are routinely imposed. We use automation widely for the fastest and most accurate results, as well as machine learning to develop bookkeeping processes that match your business needs more closely over time.

We also specialise in turning numbers into valuable data for insights. Using the latest cloud-based accounting software, we can provide you with precisely the kind of financial information on which you can base sound decisions for growth, consolidation and diversification.

In addition to our total accounting package, we can even assign a dedicated part-time finance director to oversee your company’s financial activities. Functions include tax planning, budgeting, revenue reports, management accounts and financial training. Understanding the financial status of your company is vital in preparing for the future.

But what’s it going to cost? Less than employing an in-house team or even appointing a full-time accountant. We offer all the expertise of experienced accountants at a cost that is well within the reach of an SME.

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